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“Parfums Sonores” was the first record of Eros Jaca, performed along with the pianist Jorge Nava, in which a collection of some works of Fauré, Stravinsky and the Boulanger sisters are featured. This album gathers all of the most illustrious works of the celo literature, being a repertoire that had never been recorded before. It delves into the short form featuring brief sound poems with a vast color palette, as though it was a painting.


Almost all of the recorded works are transcriptions of the composers themselves over plays written for other qualifications; the performers have willed to maintain this inertia, featuring the first recording of the transcription for violoncello and piano that Lili started, already at her deathbed, of her last two trios. This last trio, titled “D'un Matin de Printemps”, was her last composition, that despite her state, showed an incredibly strong personality and a unique spirit.

E R O S  J A C A
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